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Heroic New York Officer Saves Baby by CPR

Kyle Citizens Police Association, Kyle Citizens

A 1-year-old baby girl from the Bronx is recovering thanks to the efforts of two New York City police officers, who sprang quickly to action after seeing a baby turning blue from oxygen deprivation in her mother’s arms.

Police reports say that OfficersFelix Baez and Giovanni Laguna were busy patrolling a neighborhood in the Bronx when they saw a mother running down the street with her child Friday night yelling “Ayuda!” ( which is “help” in Spanish).

Noting that the baby was unresponsive, Laguna quickly placed her on the ground, then began CPR, while Officer Baez called for an ambulance to come immediately. Police say after a full minute of administering CPR, the little baby’s eyes opened, and shortly thereafter Laguna felt a faint pulse.

The two officers decided to take the baby and the mother to the nearest hospital in their unmarked police car, rather than wait for the ambulance. During the ride, Laguna continued chest compressions on the child.

The baby girl is in stable condition, and was in Lincoln Hospital as of press time of this piece.